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As one of the Taiwan's most innovative ISO 9001:2008 certified OEM/ODM air tool manufacturers, China Pneumatic Corporation specializes in making PRO and Innovated  pneumatic tool and industrial grade tools at the competitive price. With up-to-date 2D & 3D mechanical design & analysis software as well as precision inspection instrument and equipment in our own premises that are operated by well-trained QC personnel, that’s why China Pneumatic Corporation is the first choice among hundreds of private brand suppliers when comes to mechanical design, manufacturing, machining parts, and product assembly.


We have built our reputation by manufacturing products that increase your market image and expand your capabilities through our various patented designs and experiences. Most of our products such as low vibration & shock reduced series tools has the same minimalized mechanism that can be produced at competitive added costs for unbeatable added features and can be easily applied in many different styles from our patented clamshell tool design to further extend the family tool products image for most of the professional tool brands.


Over the last 10 years, we’ve been focusing on the development of torque control tools and equipment. With international patents and extensive research and field tests, we are proudly to announce the new era of precision torque control method that provides the best cost & performance ratio which can be applied to your current assembly line with competitive costs while enjoy the same precise fastening, error-proofing and data logging features all in one simple touch of a button through our easily expandable torque controller. Today, China Pneumatic Corporation offers customer more cost benefits, innovated power tools and precision machined parts than ever before through well-organized sourcing management, all result from over 30 years experiences in the industry. We're proud to be part of the world’s most innovated OEM / ODM manufacturers and the qualified supplier of many well-known international tool brands, where the values are unbeatable, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and you just step away from everything else you need to enjoy your China Pneumatic Corporation service experiences to the fullest.

China Pneumatic Corporation (CPC) is an ISO-9001:2008 certified manufacturer of professional / industrial pneumatic tools, electromechanical tool design, torque control tool & system, precision planetary gear reducers and precision machined parts from Taiwan with more than 30 years of export and OEM/ODM manufacturing experience. Trusted by hundreds of world leading OEM/ODM clients

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