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Torque System
Torque System - Industrial 4.0

Torque Sensing / Torque Control / Torque Verification / Ultimate Tightening Solution
 Traceability of Fastener Production Record / Bolting Sequence Control / Bolting Record
as well as
 Real Time Clamping Force Control and Remote Monitoring
By Using

TTE                              Torque Transducer

TTW                             Torque Tester

TF                                Test Fixture

TS                                Torque Simulator

TCA                             Torque Controller & patented Control Algorithm

TSS                             Torque Transducing Socket

TFM                             Torque & Force Monitor

SB+TSS+TC                Sensing Bolt + Torque Transducing Socket + Transmitting Cap

TB / TGC + TSS          Tagged Bolt / Tag Cell + Torque Transducing Socket

TTE-Torque Transducers set the standard accurate wireless dynamic torque measurement and torque monitoring of all continuous drive and intermittent impact torque tools.

A quality TTW-Torque Tester is important for torque tool manufacturers to audit the torque capacity of their products after production. It’s also required for operators to measure and verify if the tool is under proper condition.

Different from other Torque Testers, ZIPP Torque Testers work along with a Controller for
Calibrating the torque under predetermined consistent air pressure and time duration.

TF-Test Fixtures are prepared for use with the TTE for torque test and calibration.

TS-Torque Simulators are prepared for simulating the torque for adjusting the output torque of the
torque tools.

TFM-Torque & Force Monitor, For use with TTE、 TSS or SB to display the sensed torque or clamping force induced by the torsion or stretch of the bolt.

TCA-Torque Controller designed with unique control algorithm for the ease of operation applicable to any type of impact or pulse tools,
No matter what the impact mechanism is.
No more sophisticated operation required. Easy set up in seconds by the guided teaching steps.
No more expensive torque control tools required.
Using with the TSS-Torque Transducing Socket for controlling the bolting torque selectively by torque or angle mode.
Further the use with the SB-Sensing Bolt for controlling the clamping force accurately and the TC-Transmitting Cap for keep supplying the power to the SB while transmitting the sensed clamping force data via the RF module wirelessly to the Controller、 peripheral devices or cloud server through IoT Gateway periodically for remote monitoring. This is the ultimate solution to ensure the most accurate bolted joint tightness.
There is a rather economic alternative to the SB - The TB or TGC which has a RFID or NFC Tag embedded on the end face of the bolt or nut.
Both of the SB or TB/TGC have the features of their production traceability with manufacturer ID, date of production, bolt material, the batch no., bolt grade and the maximum torque capacity, etc. as well as the bolted record, such as operator ID, the date of bolting and the clamping force induced or torque applied to the bolt, all recorded in the memory unit of the SB or the tag of the TB/TGC for verifying the joint quality after bolted and clarify the responsibility of the job to solve controversy if there is any.
Bolting sequence control is an important issue in the field for achieving the excellent joints of an assembly. Applying the combination of the TCA, the TSS and the SB or TB/TGC will make it easy to program the sequence, by reading the ID of each SB or TB/TGC during preloading the bolts clock-wise or counter-clockwise in sequence by the TSS, programmed simultaneously in the TCA. Then, the operator can start bolting from any bolt. The TCA will guide operator the direction and the bolting sequence step by step according to the predetermined sequence and rounds. It will not jump to the next bolt unless it is verified as the correct one and the target torque/force fulfilled as programmed. If otherwise, the TCA will not actuate the tool and alert immediately.


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