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ZPO-1L Synthetic pulse tool oil Features New ZPO-1L is a fully synthetic hydraulic oil formulated with the most advanced technology and superior than other similar oils in the field. Applicable to all pulse tools. Exceptional torque and auto shut off performance under environment temperature as low as 15°C. Great wear resistance to prolong the life of metal […]

Air Metal Shear / Air Scissors

ZP227 Air Scissors

ZP227 Air Scissors The ZP227 Air Scissors is ideal for contour snip. The heavy duty blades make quick and clean snip. The scissors is ideal for body shop and machine shop.  

ZP354-6S 6 inch Air Random Orbital Sander (Self-Generated Vacuum)

Compression C-Yoke / Alligator Squeezer

ZCR060 Compression Rivet Squeezer

ZCR030 Compression Rivet Squeezer “C” Yoke Riveters Features Specially designed for airplane construction to ensure fast, economical riveting where two-man operation is impractical. Features strong, steady, silent squeeze action, which is easily controlled for a large variety of rivets. Ideal for dimpling, punching, stamping and pressing. Widely used for truck, bus and automotive applications. Extra powerful, portable […]

Angle Sander / Orbital Sander / Polisher

ZAP30825 Angle Polisher

ZAP30825 Angle Polisher

ZAH-392H Shock Reduced Air Hammer-Hex. Features Designed with following patents for assuring the best shock reduction and operator’s comfort. 1) Portable pneumatic tool assembled with module units. 2) Suspension vibration-reducing means for portable pneumatic tools. Alloy steel made impact parts, heat-treated for durability. Quick Change Retainer for simple accessory changes. Ergonomic handle with rubber made […]

ZCG3143MSCL-13 2 in 1 Air Sprayer & Caulking Gun 2 in 1 Air Sprayer & Caulking Gun for Sachet Line Type mechanism Alum. Pipe w/ Pin regulator, Quick Exhaust Valve Needle Regulator & Handle Grip

USA Made Hydraulic Pumps

Z16P80-1 Hand Pump

Z16P80-1 Hand Pump Hydraulic Pumps These pumps are designed and engineered specifically for the most rigorous conditions and to work seamlessly with the full range of ZAT, ZLW, ZBT, ZDANS, ZQD tools.   Proudly Made In USA

ZIW1075-8 1 inch Air Impact Wrench With 8-inch extension Lightweight and ergonomically designed ZIW1075-8 1 inch Air Impact Wrench With 8 inch extension that offers MAX torque of 2500 (3389) ft-lb (NM) Means You’ll Have The Power To Burst Through Those Stubborn Bolts. Comfortable And Easy To Use.

ZIW685 3/4 inch Impact Wrench

ZVG784-BC 7 inch Vertical Grinder

Blind Rivet Installation Tool

ZT1214LV 1/4 inch Air Hydraulic Riveter

ZT1214LV 1/4 inch Air Hydraulic Riveter Applications Wherever the fastening methods like: welding, sheet metal screw, bolt, nut, washer, tubular, semitubular and solid rivets and adhesives are applied, can be substituted by blind rivets. All models above are good for setting standard blind rivets and structural blind rivets.