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Electric Screwdriver

BL BLS Electric Screwdriver

BL BLS Electric Screwdriver

Angle Drill / Eraser

ZAE-3714 Air Eraser

ZAE-3714 Air Eraser Smart Eraser is designed for every user to get rid of any kind of marks on the plastic plate or painted surface. The user can do the removal very fast and clear without any damages on the surface. The original painting will as like the original.

ZDGL-356A Low Speed, Low Noise Air Die Grinder In-Line Die Grinder is designed for low speed application. Can use with 1/4″(6mm) or 1/8″(3mm) grinding accessories.

Vibration Reduced Air Lapper / Air File

ZF-10MT Vibration Reduced Mini Air File-Safety Trigger

ZF-10MT Vibration Reduced Mini Air File-Safety Trigger Features High frequency with 1mm, 5mm & 10mm strokes for various kind of surface finishing works such as precise and delicate lapping of die & mold surface, finishing in confined area and general filing works. Designed with following patents to ensure extreme low vibration and operator’s comfort. 。Portable Pneumatic [...]

ZP354-6S 6 inch Air Random Orbital Sander (Self-Generated Vacuum)

Shock Reduced Riveting Hammer

ZRH-04 Shock Reduced Air Riveting Hammer

ZRH-04 Shock Reduced Air Riveting Hammer Features The new ZRH riveting hammer is designed to minimize the vibration while maintaining high tool performance. Vibration is reduced by an effective air cushion behind the hammer piston. Parts are interchangeable with RRH series. Streamline profile & adjustable power. Equipped with universal swivel air inlet joint for the best maneuverability.

ZIW304S 3/8 inch Straight Impact Wrench

ZAH-394K Shock Reduced Air Hammer Kit-Round Features Designed with following patents for assuring the best shock reduction and operator’s comfort. 1) Portable pneumatic tool assembled with module units. 2) Suspension vibration-reducing means for portable pneumatic tools. Alloy steel made impact parts, heat-treated for durability. Quick Change Retainer for simple accessory changes. Ergonomic handle with rubber [...]

ZP322R 100° 4-1/2 inch Heavy Duty Grinder

ZDG-3076L500 21-3/8 inch Air Extension Die Grinder Benefits Industrial extended shaft long die grinder design for high speed grinding& polishing in hard-to-reach areas By using 1/4″( 6mm) or 3/8″(8mm) Double Angle Collets, the die grinder can be used in a wide range of grinding and polishing applications with various wheels 4000rpm models are excellent for grinding applications with [...]

Angle Drill / Eraser

ZAD-356P 3/8 inch Air Drill

ZAD-356P 3/8 inch Air Drill In-Line Drill is designed for low speed/high torque applications, such as drilling, sanding, and polishing. Keyless chuck comes with both ZAD-356P and ZAD-376P.

Industrial Air Drills

ZD6637P 3/8 inch Air Drill

ZD6637P 3/8 inch Air Drill High-torque air motor; slow-speed start-up trigger. TPR grip and removable side handle.