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Ultra Precision Series

Economy Helical Planetary Gearbox

Offers low-cost precision one-piece Economy Helical Planetary Gearbox combined many of the features and benefits that are upgraded from our PS / PN series with the ability to serve as an easy drop-in replacement from spur to helical toothed gear reducers. The ZE Series provides a cost-effective solution for many applications. Four frame sizes are [...]

Why pay the cost for a heavy-duty gearbox for a light-duty application when our highly customizable economy line can give you what you need at the price that meets your target. The Economy Planetary Gearbox with built for purpose engineering ensures that you don’t overpay for features that are not required. Frame sizes are available [...]

Ultra Precision Series

Flange output planetary gearbox

Flange output planetary gearbox – Flexible mounting diameter and high output torque solid round housing that provides performance and efficiency with torque and sturdiness. The helical toothed and one piece carrier design provides maximum radial load capacity as well as system reliability and stiffness. The flange type output shaft is targeted for application in Robotics, [...]

Universal Swivel Air Inlet Joint

HN-G1 Digital Pressure gauge

HN-G1 Digital Pressure gauge

Non-Vacuum Rust & Paint Removal Tools (Low Noise) Innovative 180o rotational handle for precise leverage and control. Unique double side safety guards and integrated dust extraction. system for safe and clean operation. Planetary gear system for increased torque. Ergonomic cushion grip insulates against cold and vibration. Swivel exhaust outlet in rear of tool allows easy operations. [...]

PN042 Pulse Screwdriver(Pistol Type)

PN043 Pulse Wrench(Pistol Type)

PN052 Pulse Screwdriver(Pistol Type)

PN053 Pulse Wrench(Pistol Type)

PN062 Pulse Screwdriver(Pistol Type)

PN063 Pulse Wrench(Pistol Type)

PN072 Pulse Screwdriver(Pistol Type)